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About Us

"Island's Best" is a small eatery based in Long Beach, CA that caters to those seeking to indulge their taste for Polynesian cuisine.  In recent years, the Owners have garnered a vision to branch the restaurant out into a compelling apparel company.


The Movement

​​Football is America's Game.  In some reaches of the country, Polynesians have made a name for themselves while aspiring to play football professionally.  With the likes of Troy Polamalu, Haloti Ngata, Domata Peko, Mike Lupati, and other players of Polynesian descent, the NFL has seen its share of Islander talent.  However, the Polynesian body in pro-sports represents yet a tiny fraction among other ethnicities.  Currently a small up-start,  we at Island's Best aim to uphold & aid in the expansion of Polynesian recognition not only in the NFL, but in all professional athletics.  A collaboration between Owner A.J Tuitele & Designer Ramsey Feagai (both former Collegiate Athletes) strives to accelerate this vision.  Driven by strong cultural pride & beliefs, we intend to instill the same drive in our younger generations by providing athletic/casual wear bearing the "IB."